Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you fix laptops?
A – Yes

Q – Do you fix PC’s?
A - Yes

Q – How much do you charge for fixing laptops or PCs
A – It very much depends on the problem. 99% of the time, we would have to see the laptop or PC to diagnose the fault before being able to quote

Q – Do you fix MacBook’s or iMacs?
A – Some repairs can be done, but we would have to have specific information about the model number to determine whether a repair would be feasible

Q – Do you fix printers?
A – No.

Q – Do you fix monitors?
A – No

Q – How long do repairs take to do?
A – It will depend on whether parts need to be ordered in.  If we have the required part(s) in stock, repairs can sometimes be turned around on the same day, however, if we have to order specific items in, we are totally reliant on the supplier and their courier, so could be a few days

Q – Do you build gaming PCs
A – Yes, it is one of our specialities, and we can work around your budget or specific requirements

Q – If I’ve bought parts from elsewhere, would you build the PC for me if I brought them in?
A – Yes, cost depends on the complexity of the build

Q – Can I have a DVD drive fitted to my laptop or PC
A – Yes: With laptops, the option would be a USB DVD drive; it may also be the same for PC’s but certain ones may have the ability to take a full size internal drive

Q – Is Intel or AMD better?
A – It’s really a case of your own opinion, but AMD tend to be a bit cheaper than Intel

Q – Can you recover lost data?
A – Yes & No; we can’t answer that for definite without seeing the offending article, but we will certainly have a go

Q – What’s the best way to back up my important information?
A – There are various ways to back up; there are many “cloud” options including One Drive, DropBox etc., but you can also back-up to USB devices such as external hard drives or USB memory sticks

Q – I’ve forgotten my password! Can you help?
A – That depends on what password it is you’ve forgotten, some we can, some we can’t so you’re best to ring us to find out if we can help

Q – Will my PC still work when Windows 7 or Windows 10 are no longer supported?
A – Yes, you just won’t be able to contact Microsoft by email or telephone for live chat and technical support on these products

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