How DOT com SYSTEMS began....

DOT com SYSTEMS started life in 2001 supplying the public of Crook and the surrounding area with their PC requirements.  The following year we expanded the partnership and our Durham shop was opened in July 2002.  Due to retirement, we reluctantly closed our Crook shop in November 2016, however our Durham shop continues to go from strength to strength.

We believed that we could bring the high levels of service and expertise expected by all our customers and this continues to be our aim. We are of the firm belief that the only way to succeed is to exceed our customer's expectations both in terms of value for money and service.

Our product range is wide and varied, from leads to laptops, computers to CPUs, memory to monitors, paper to printers, along with upgrades and repairs. The systems we supply are built from branded components at an affordable level, which can be customised to suit your specific requirements and budget.

We encourage a friendly and straightforward service, preferring not to baffle our customers with technical jargon.  The value for money philosophy is supported by our extensive knowledge and a fast efficient service.

Our customers are wide and diverse, varying from the first time computer user, to on-line gamers requiring graphical excellence and performance.

Whatever your needs, DOT com SYSTEMS are here to help you!



Fast turnaround time with the majority of computer problems diagnosed and repaired with 24 hours!

We are a small, friendly computer company specialising in computer and laptop repairs, IT sales and solutions.

Our Engineers have the ability to understand a wide variety of problems and situations, and our focus is to make sure that customers pay as little as possible to have their computer problems resolved as quickly as possible – in many cases on the same day!

We are also great believers in the “Don’t Fix what Ain’t Broke” scenario so you can be rest assured that we will not advise you to do or buy something if it is not necessary.

Our wide range of Repairs include:-

Memory replacement / Upgrade 
Hard Drive “cloning” - For if you are running out of space on your existing Hard Drive and don’t want to lose anything,
or if you have an old mechanical Hard Drive and want to upgrade to a faster SSD
Motherboard replacement / Upgrade for PCs
Processor replacement / Upgrade for PCs
Software issues, including Virus/Spyware removal and Windows reinstallation or repair
Laptop screen replacement
Laptop DC Socket repairs
Laptop hinge and cover repair / replacement
Laptop keyboard repair / replacement
Laptop battery replacement

Basically, any problem you have with your computer or laptop, we will give you expert and impartial advice, so please do not hesitate to contact us even if your problem does not appear in the list above.

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